The India Global Innovation Connect is a two-day annual meeting to foster and promote technological innovation in India by discussing the issues and policies involved, identifying the openings and challenges brought by disruptive technologies, while creating a channel of interaction between technology developers and business end-users. The India Global Innovation Connect is an opportunity for Bangalore, as a high-tech hub, to join other global event hosts with a top level annual platform for Indian executives and academics to engage in a dialogue with their foreign peers and partners to initiate new ideas and relationships.


The Coming of Age of a Global Innovation Hub.

08:30 Am

Registration of participants

09:15 Am

Welcome to participants and introduction to the India Global Innovation Connect

09:30 Am

A transformed startup ecosystem: Meet the entrepreneurs leading the charge

  • What are the new consumers trends in B2B and B2C that are changing the product-market fit problematic? What is required to leverage these changes?
  • Who are the startup founders at the forefront of this trend and what is behind their success?
  • What is needed to expand and leverage more optimally the new burst of innovation?

BJ Arun, Chairman of the Global Board of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TIE) USA
Umang Bedi, Co-Founder Dailyhunt, Ind
Derick Jose, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics, India/USA
Mohandas Pai, Co-Founder & Partner Aarin Capital, India
Pratik Pal, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Digital, India

Moderated by:
Ralph C. Voltmer, Partner, Head of India Practice, Covington & Burling USA

10:45 Am

Networking break

11:05 Am

Breakout session

India as the new Deep Tech hub? The startups seizing the new opportunities

  • Given the long gestation period for Deep-Tech products and services to technology commercialization, what is required to create partnerships between corporations, Deep-Tech VC funds, academia and government to develop innovation and promote mentorship for deep-tech development?
  • What assets/comparative advantages can Indian startups leverage more to expand their footprint in deep-tech?
  • Listen to the success stories of Deep-Tech entrepreneurs.
  • What potential for the emergence of Indian deep-tech unicorns? What challenges to overcome?

Arun Chandru, Co-founder & Director, Pandorum Technologies, India
Satoshi Nagata, Executive Director India, Japan/India
Manish Singhal, Founding Partner, PI Ventures, India
Pradeep Vajram, Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Alpha ICs, India/USA/Japan

11:05 Am

Breakout session

Last mile connectivity: Converting research faster into business success stories

  • How to develop the programs and policies that will promote the collaboration between businesses and research organizations
  • How to foster a more commercially oriented mindset among scientists and researchers?
  • Are there lessons to be drawn from some countries successful at translating innovative ideas into commercializable products or services?

Anand Anandkumar, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bugworks, India
Jagadeesh Gopalan, Senior Professor Dept. of. Aerospace Engineering, Chairman, Center of Excellence in Hypersonics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Co-Founder Ykrita Life Sciences, India
Manoj Gopalkrishnan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Algorithmic Biologics, India
Anandi Iyer, Director, Fraunhofer Office India, Germany/India
Shrikumar Suryanarayan, Co-Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Sea6Energy, India

Moderated by:
Woosuk Kenneth Choi, Editor, Future Planning Desk, The Chosun Ilbo Group, Director General, The Asian Leadership Conference, Republic of Korea

12:30 Pm

Plenary luncheon

Lessons from three decades of startup investing:
What makes a startup worth betting on?

A conversation with:
Jonathan Medved, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, OurCrowd, Israel

14:15 Pm

The transformers: Showcasing startup founders shaking up their sector

Startup founders take turns to present their company, highlighting the innovative, transformational impact of what they...

Startup founders take turns to present their company, highlighting the innovative, transformational impact of what they are creating. They also share how they address the challenges of skills and the product-market fit.

Ankit Anand, Vice President - Software and India Business, Sleepiz, Switzerland
Neils Delore, APAC Head, Flyability, Switzerland
Ramkumar Govindarajan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Wizfreight, India
Nakul Kukar, Cofounder & CEO, India
Aneesh Reddy, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Capillary Technologies, India
Yuval Regev, Vice-President, Myorcare, Israel

Moderated by:
Shaili Chopra, Founder Gytree & SheThePeople, India

16:00 Pm

Breakout session

Maximizing the potential of Public Innovation Platforms for new technology and new businesses

  • How can innovators make best use of existing digital public goods?
  • Are we on the cusp of a more broadly used new innovation model – especially with the emergence of Web 3.0?
  • What challenges need addressing for expanding what could be a new innovation model?
  • How could the leveraging of a new public platform innovation model help accelerate new technological advances and business creation in domains such as healthcare, e-invoicing, digitalization etc.?
  • How can Public Innovation Platforms contribute to making India a 10 trillion dollars economy by 2030?

Hari Menon, Chief Executibve Officer Big Basket, India
B V Naidu, Chairman Karnataka Digital Econopmy Mission (KDEM) India
Alex “Sandy” Pentland, Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program Director, MIT Media Lab, USA
Sharad Sharma, Co-Founder, Indian Sopftware Product Industry RoundTable (Isprit), India

16:00 Pm

Breakout session

Designing India’s WEB 3.0 innovation roadmap

  • How are Indian startups already beginning to leverage the potential of the Web 3.0 and towards what kind of products and services, from gaming to NFTs and payments?
  • What skills are needed to power the growth of Web 3.0 innovation in India?
  • According to a Nasscom Report, 800’000 new jobs could be created in India by new Web 3.0 companies? What government policies are required to help achieve this potential and avoid that Web 3.0 entrepreneurs move to countries offering a more hospitable regulatory environment?

Anirudh Pandita, Founder, Pocket Aces & Loco, India
Nitin Sharma, Co-Founder & General Partner Antler India, India
Ashish Singhal, Co-founder & CEO, CoinSwitch, India

16:00 Pm

Sign-up bilateral discussions

Breakout meetings:

Connecting startup founders with investors

Entrepreneurs and investors initiate contact and engage in on-demand, bilateral, “behind closed doors” discussions to explore potential collaboration.

17:30 Pm

Breakout session

From the world's back-office hub to technology innovation made in India

  • What assets can India leverage for its transition towards becoming a global technology innovation player?
  • How are Indian startup founders redefining the way India looks at technology innovation and risk?
  • How do MNCs look at the role India and its startups can play as a prospective major provider of technology innovation?
  • What are the domains where India could aspire to be a leader in the next five to seven years? What is the potential now and how can it be expanded?
  • How can corporate India contribute to move from brain drain to brain gain?
  • What policy push to expand the role of technology innovation in making India a 10 trillion dollars economy by 2030?

Sanjeev Gupta, Managing Director & CEO Lahari (A GoI Initiative), Chief Executive Officer Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM)
Amit Kalra, Managing Director, Swiss Re Global Business Services, India
GNV Subba Rao, Global Head of Quality & Operation Centers, Process Automation Director – ABB Innovation Center. Switzerland/India
Hemanth Sheelvant, Head - Corporate Innovation with Startups Bosch GMBH India
Masayuki Toriumi, Managing Director Sony India Software Center (SISC), Japan/India
Moderated by:
Julian Zix, Head, The German Indian Startup Exchange Program (GINSEP), Germany

17:30 Pm

Breakout session

Green / Climate tech startups: The moment is now

  • How to sort out the “genuine” climate tech startups - with their credible technology and business plan - from the ones just jumping on the bandwagon given that it is a very broad category crossing into every business sector?
  • How to fight inertia and reluctance to change, even when climate tech startups have successfully gone through their fundraising and are beginning to scale up? Are public sector incentives and partnerships also needed?
  • Can investing in climate tech avoid repeating the mistakes made with clean tech a few years ago which led to costly boom and bust?

Achim Burkart, Consul General of Germany, Germany
Neeraj Kumar Dasila, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, SmartHelio, Switzerland
Oded Distel, Chief Executive Officer, Tal-Ya Agriculture Solutions, Israel
Anandhi Gokhale, Investment Manager, Emerald Technology Ventures, Singapore
Shreyas Shibulal, Founder & Director, Micelio - Micelio - Electric Vehicles, India

17:30 Pm

Sign-up session

Peer-to-Peer Link-up: Indian founders connecting with their peers from different countries

Small, dedicated, roundtable discussions between specific group of startup founders to share experiences and explore potential synergies

18:30 Pm

Chasing Fire: The innovator’s edge

A conversation with:
Paul Saffo,Technology Forecaster, Professor in the School of Engineering, Stanford University on the future of engineering and the impact of technological change on the future.

19:15 Pm

Sign-up session

Networking reception

19:45 Pm

Plenary dinner

Driving Technological innovation and social change: The role of the investor

A conversation with:
Gururaj “Desh” Deshpande, Co-Founder Sycamore Networks, Founder the Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation at MIT, Founder Deshpande Foundation, USA
Prashanth Prakash, Partner Accel Partners


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